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See you soon!

Hello everyone! Today is my last working day at SUSE. I spent wonderful five and a half years at this company. First starting as a package maintainer, learning more and more about the free software movement and its ecosystem. Later I moved to the newly created openSUSE Boosters Team, where I could apply everything I learned about FOSS communities in practice and help to create the best Linux distribution.

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Open Build Service - Introducing Download Page

This is something I should’ve blogged about some time ago, but we wanted to make it a part of a bigger announcement, which did not happen so … here goes. One of the ideas how to help with Open Build Service adoption was to create some kind of download widget that would be possible to embed into upstream projects’ download pages. After a few days of work I ended up with the page that is now available from this URL:

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openSUSE IRC Word Clouds

You might know a web tool call Wordle. It’s a simple way how to create nice word clouds from texts. It has one disadvantage though. It runs as a web service, so you cannot run it offline. I tried to find the source but the only thing I found was this FAQ answer, where Jonathan (the author) mentioned working for IBM. After few search queries I found Word-Cloud Generator, which seems like the Wordle predecessor from IBM that can be run offline.

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