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See you soon!

Hello everyone! Today is my last working day at SUSE. I spent wonderful five and a half years at this company. First starting as a package maintainer, learning more and more about the free software movement and its ecosystem. Later I moved to the newly created openSUSE Boosters Team, where I could apply everything I learned about FOSS communities in practice and help to create the best Linux distribution.

Recently I discovered my dormant passion for open hardware, be it analog or digital. I feel that’s where my heart is at the moment and that probably I could do a bigger change in this area.

The good thing is nothing changes from the community side of things. I’ll still be participating in openSUSE development and discussions on the mailinglists or IRC. So, please, put the champaigne back to the fridge, it’s not over yet. :-) If you want to keep in touch and didn’t notice I started using email address instead of the corporate ones some years ago, please change your address entries now.

I’m sure we’ll see each other very soon at some FOSS related event (most probably openSUSE Conference in which organisation I’m actively participating in). That’s why this blogpost is titled “See you soon!” rather than “Goodbye”. And of course, remember to have a lot of fun!