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Adding YaST menuitem to GNOME 3 status menu

Update: This blogpost is now obsolete.

Please go to GNOME-Shell Extension: YaST (item in) Status Menu.

I read a blogpost from Nelson Marques about adding YaST modules icon to GNOME Shell. I kind of liked the idea of YaST integration into GNOME Shell, but I had to share Julian Aloofi’s worries in comments. He came up with a simple idea to just add the YaST menuitem to status menu in the top-right corner. This was very easy to implement because most of the GNOME Shell features are written in Javascript. I created the following simple hack and ended up with this:


If you want to add the YaST menuitem as well, just follow these simple steps (as root):

cd /
patch -p1 < gnome3-statusmenu-yast.patch
rm gnome3-statusmenu-yast.patch

Now you have to restart GNOME Shell (press Alt+F2 and enter “r” command) and you can enjoy the new menu item. :-) Remember, the changes will be lost next time you reinstall the gnome-shell package.

I already contacted Frederic and Vincent about the patch and they are still looking for the best way how to integrate YaST with the rest of the system, so stay tuned. :-)

PS: Andy found an interesting bug. For him, the item was added but clicking on it did nothing. Solution was found by Frederic - just install the missing gnome-menus-branding-openSUSE package.