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openSUSE Conference 2011 is coming ...

… and I’ll be there again as well! I guess there’s no need to tell I am really looking forward to it.


I’m pretty excited when I look closer at the just published Conference Timetable. What I really like about the openSUSE Conference is that it has also sessions that are not directly related to SUSE or Linux in general. You can “geek out” about topics like Digital processing of early color photography, Open Street Map, 8-bit Music, Wooden kayaks or Open Hardware and Hackerspaces. The last one will be held by me and I’ll try to bring a functional Rep Rap 3d printer from our Prague hackerspace brmlab so you can see it in action and print your own 3d models. All in the spirit of our motto: Have a lot of fun!

Together with Henne and Tom we’ll hold a workshop about our social networking platform called Connect and we hope we’ll get more contributors to it.

Among the talks I mentioned I also plan to visit sessions about GNOME 3, tmux, 5Ws of Contributions, Static Code Checking and Lightning Talks. And of course don’t miss the keynotes and social event The Geek in Wild West theme!

See you all there!