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Parallel command execution with limits

Randy_sk asked today on IRC if we had any idea how to run commands in parallel, but he also wanted to limit the number of the concurrent processes. I immediately responded: “use make”. I started to shape my idea further until I came to this Makefile:

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Mango - Migration Assistant Next GeneratiOn

This years Google Sumer of Code, student Peter Libič tried to implement an idea of Migrating Assistant. MacOSX contains utility which can import users, application settings and various files from old Macintosh to new one. Idea to port this functionality to Linux is not new. Something similar was created during GSoC two years ago by Ubuntu, but we tried to use different approach (object oriented C++) so the code is better extendable and maintainable.

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Scout released

Hooray! The first public version of Scout was just released. It is a simple tool which allows user to look for (not yet installed) packages using simple queries (e.g. which autoconf macros does the package contain, which Java classes are present inside or what binaries does the package provide). Scout is available in openSUSE BuildService in home:prusnak:scout project. If you would like to install and test it, follow these three steps:

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