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Parallel command execution with limits

Randy_sk asked today on IRC if we had any idea how to run commands in parallel, but he also wanted to limit the number of the concurrent processes. I immediately responded: “use make”. I started to shape my idea further until I came to this Makefile:

tasks := $(shell seq -s ' ' 1 `cat commands.txt | wc -l`)

all: $(tasks)
    @echo Done

    @echo `sed '$@!d' commands.txt`
    @eval `sed '$@!d' commands.txt`

This expects you had the file commands.txt prepared, which contains one command per line. If you want to call the same command over and over again, just replace commands.txt with values.txt and eval with the command you want to run.

Using this approach you can limit both the number of concurrent jobs: make -j 5 and the maximum load: make -l 2

Others ideas were to use the shell with & and wait, or to use the following one-liner:

while sleep 1; do [ "`ps ax | grep your_cmd | wc -l`" -gt 6 ] || your_cmd & ; done

but I really like mine solution the most :D