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Google Summer of Code Mentors Summit 2008 - Day 2

Day 2 - 2008/10/26

  • The second day started with breakfast and was followed by the bus journey to Googleplex.
  • There we had on opening talk about the first day, what went good, what went bad and we would like to change. We had a lots of comments about Summer of Code organization, mainly about picking right students for project.
  • After that I headed to conference room where I prepared for my openSUSE Build Service presentation. Unfortunately I found out that Apple keeps changing its connectors nearly every year, so I was left without any option to connect my MacBook to the projector and I had to borrow Lance’s computer. At least I could easily prove that Build Service and its OSC command line client (which I freshly checkouted from SVN) could be easily used from any machine :)
  • Went to cafeteria for lunch, where I met Malex. Learned from him that I had missed key signing party the day before, so at least we signed our keys.
  • Rushed to “DVCS Boxing Match” as I was really looking forward to it. It was presented by Shawn O. Pearce (Git) and Dirkjan Ochtman (Mercurial). Result: both are pretty mature, but have some features missing, so the audience is a bit different.
  • Pretty in-depth session about Android internals by Romain Guy.
  • Went outside to take a group photo near the Android statue:

gsocms2008-4 gsocms2008-5

(Photos taken by Pınar Yanardağ and Austin Ziegler)