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Google Summer of Code Mentors Summit 2008 - Day 0

Day 0 - 2008/10/24

In my previous blogpost I described the project I mentored during this year’s Google Summer of Code event. At the end of October I was invited into Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California for Mentors Summit. Here you can find my remarks.

  • arrived at the Wild Palms Hotel at around 3pm and took a short nap
  • Google planned a dinner for us at Amarin Thai restaurant, left the hotel around quarter to six
  • used VTA public bus transport to get there; turned out to be pretty adventurous: one had to request the stop and the stops were not announced; fortunately had a map software in my cellphone so I was able to track my position by looking out of the window and advancing cursor in my mobile map :)
  • arrived to the restaurant; not so many people yet, soon started to change …

  • met Leslie Hawthorn (the official geek herder :)) for the first time
  • sat at the table with Earl Miles and his wife from Drupal, David Wollner from BZFlag and Joel Sherrill from RTEMS project
  • talking about our projects; served with various Thai dishes, some of them were very exotic
  • after an hour or so we headed to the Tied House

  • some snacks and free beer at the Tied House, heeey! :)
  • American beer is not what I’m used to, too thick for me :(
  • went to two tall guys: Matt Handley from Adium and Werner Guttmann mentoring Castor
  • when talking about Czech Republic, Ondrej Certik from Python Software Foundation appeared too
  • heard two people talking about openSUSE Build Service, interested who could it be …
  • mystery solved: Oleksandr Moskalenko from the Scribus team and Lance Albertson from Oregon State University - Scribus is one of the first larger projects that started to build their own packages using Build Service, Lance was mentoring a project which aimed to create packages for various distributions using Gentoo ebuilds
  • noted that the dependencies of the packages are the a big problem, Lance had to admit that I’m right; they actually use database of packages and their dependencies for each distribution, must be huge and hard to maintain!
  • there are two Gentoo mentors here! Donnie Berkholz and Alec Warner
  • short talk with Johannes Schmid from GNOME about Mono
  • approached by Stefan Reinauer from coreboot; learned that he used to work for SUSE once, in the Arch team; he decided to start his own business with LinuxBIOS (or coreboot, like it is called nowadays)
  • short talk with guys from OSSIM project (Pablo Rincón Crespo and Juan Manuel Lorenzo)
  • headed back to the hotel with Brooks Davis from FreeBSD and his wife

  • finally found out who my roommate is! it’s David Bruce from Tux4Kids project
  • we talked a little bit about his work, promised to show him openSUSE Build Service the other day
  • I fell into bed exhausted, but really looking forward for the actual summit and its sessions

Days 1 and 2 will appear tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I promise to post some photos too :)