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openSUSE Live!

A few days ago Michal blogged about a public virtual machine by our dear friend Jaromir Cervenka. Time flew by, Jaromir installed the latest Milestone 3 to the machine and the project is now available from the new and easy to remember domain (thanks darix for driving this). The new frontpage also contains the instructions in English how to access it via VNC and SSH client or directly inside the browser.

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Geeko Postcard

Today I had a very nice surprise laying on my office desk. It was a postcard from my dear friends from Brno (so called #fedora-cs mafia :-D) depicting a 3D image of a geeko on sand. Luckily I was able to find two shops (here and here) which offer this jewel. The latter one also had the 3D picture so I can share this viewing pleasure with you:

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Gemcutter + openSUSE Build Service cooperation (idea)

If you are closely following Ruby development and especially the situation around ruby gems, you might already know of Gemcutter. It is a new service, which provides a very easy way how to publish gems and also a good API to deal with them. It is not trying to replace RubyForge as whole, just its gem hosting (+ now defunct GitHub gem hosting) and will soon become the central and the only place for Ruby gems. The whole site is MIT licensed and the code is available on GitHub.

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