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Idea Factory

From time to time I come up with the “ultimate idea”, but because I don’t have usually time to implement it right away I put it in my backlog. Unfortunately, the backlog is growing bigger and bigger and I started to realize there are some ideas on the list to which I’ll never return, but still they would be nice to have.

There are lots of bright minds out there, so I decided to start publishing the ideas from the backlog list. Maybe someone will find them interesting enough and implement them. Heck, maybe someone will be able to build a successful startup around some of them. For that case I put the donate section in the sidebar, so you can do me a favor once you are a millionaire. :-)

But, enough talking, here are the ideas! I’ll keep adding links to this list in the future:

  1. Coin Counter
  2. Github Semantic Patches
  3. Pack My Stuff
  4. Mycelium Animated Photos
  5. Facebook Random Comics