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Idea Factory - Facebook Random Comics

This post is a part of Idea Factory series. Recently my friend sent me a link to this great random comic generator at Pandyland. My idea is to create a similar application but instead of the drawn figures it would use your friends photos from Facebook.

One could check which of his/hers friends should appear in the comic (or leave it to a random chance), select the layout of the comic strip (e.g. 3x1 frames, 2x2 frames, etc.) and click the generate button. The application then calls the Facebook API which returns reasonable photos together with their metadata (such as who is in the picture and at what pixel position, the API already includes that kind of info in the results). Next step is to add speech bubbles filled in with either random sentences or leaving the bubbles empty so one can add his/hers own replicas. Lastly, a nice frames and a title are added, so the result could be shared back to Facebook or any other webiste as one image.