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Idea Factory - Pack My Stuff

This post is a part of Idea Factory series. Last two years I travelled a lot to various Open Source related conferences. After few of them I already got quite a good idea what to pack and what not, depending on the length and the destination of the trip. But from time to time I forgot something and that later turned out to be a huge mistake.

The idea is to create a mobile application where you can define several lists of things you need to pack, for example: “3 days in Europe (summer)”, “a week in the USA (winter)”, “Christmas with Family” and so on. You open the application while packing packing your stuff at home and it will show you the list of things you need to pack. Everytime you put an item into your suitcase, you check the corresponding checkbox in the list. When the list is fully checked you know you didn’t miss anything. Simple, isn’t it?! :) You do the same process on the last day of your trip, so you can make sure you don’t forgot anything at the hotel.