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Handling requests directly in the Build Service web client

We had a listing of pending requests in the Build Service for a while. Unfortunately, it was mashed together with “My Projects” view and one couldn’t do anything with them. Few days ago, Jan Loeser added support for handling these requests directly in the web client. I liked the idea, so I decided to spend some time on it, too.

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openSUSE Junior Jobs

Our dear friends at KDE have a really nifty feature in their Bugzilla. They mark easy tasks or “low-hanging fruits” with the “JJ:” prefix (meaning Junior Job). We like the idea so much that we decided to adopt it in our Bugzilla too. I created a trimmed URL - - which lists all such issues.

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RPM Summit at the openSUSE Conference 2009

I’m sure you all heard about the openSUSE Conference 2009 that took place in September in Nuremberg. Not so many know about the RPM Summit that was a part of the conference during its first two days. Idea to create something like this started at LinuxTag 2009 when Zonker invited Florian to Nuremberg. One thing lead to another and in the end we managed to get several important people into one room (or to join us via conf call) and we kept them there until all problems with RPM and package management in general were solved. Well, not really, there was a lot to discuss and there still is, but you got the point. :-)

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