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Geeko Bus

I travel to work by bus. While they are usually in Prague Public Transit’s traditional colors - red and white, today this one came to bus stop:

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Handling requests directly in the Build Service web client

We had a listing of pending requests in the Build Service for a while. Unfortunately, it was mashed together with “My Projects” view and one couldn’t do anything with them. Few days ago, Jan Loeser added support for handling these requests directly in the web client. I liked the idea, so I decided to spend some time on it, too.

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openSUSE Junior Jobs

Our dear friends at KDE have a really nifty feature in their Bugzilla. They mark easy tasks or “low-hanging fruits” with the “JJ:” prefix (meaning Junior Job). We like the idea so much that we decided to adopt it in our Bugzilla too. I created a trimmed URL - - which lists all such issues.

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