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Scout released

Hooray! The first public version of Scout was just released. It is a simple tool which allows user to look for (not yet installed) packages using simple queries (e.g. which autoconf macros does the package contain, which Java classes are present inside or what binaries does the package provide). Scout is available in openSUSE BuildService in home:prusnak:scout project. If you would like to install and test it, follow these three steps:

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Scout project introduction

You might have heard about my older project called command-not-found. Right now it is implemented as SQLite database which contains only table(binary, path, package). (I’m going to rewrite it, so that it makes use of the new SAT solver files, but this is not the topic of this blogpost).

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Games in the openSUSE Build Service

We decided to restructure and cleanup the games projects in the openSUSE Build Service. Before the change we had 8 projects for each game genre (action, adventure, arcade, board, puzzle, roleplay, strategy/realtime, strategy/turn-based) and one separate project for game libraries (so you can play games even on older distributions with obsoleted libraries). This situation was causing more harm than good, so now we will only have one “games” repository with all game genres together.

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