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Scout finally searches in zypp repositories

I finally implemented very important feature of scout: It is now able to search for binaries in all enabled zypp repositories. SAT-solver files are used for this, so user does not have to install any external index files.

I really would like to thank Klaus Kaempf for his exhaustive help with python bindings for satsolver. Another great news are that Werner Fink applied command-not-found patch for bash package, so 11.1 will probably contain this feature working out of the box! Current early implementation has one problem though: it is pretty slow comparing to older use-own-sqlite-database approach (2 seconds compared to 0.2 seconds). But it indexes more repositories at once (I have 14 enabled) and I believe the code could more optimized and thus whole search faster in the (near) future.

Feel free to test the packages from BuildService (follow the instructions on wiki) and tell me what you think of it ! :)