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LÖVE (Love2D) on Android

Almost two years ago I blogged about my Global Game Jam entry called Hexoboros. This year’s approaching GGJ reminded me that I wanted to port this game to Android. Back then it turned out to be quite hard and results were not very satisfying.

I knew that SDL 2.0 was released in August 2013 bringing Android support out of the box. What I didn’t know was that LÖVE 0.9.0 was released in December as well, building on top of SDL2. I was pretty excited, because I felt that LÖVE on Android will became a real thing soon.

And I was right. Martin Felis is working on love-android-sdl2 repo, which combines all these efforts into one easy to build Android package.

After fixing some minor issues in Martin’s and mine code I ended up with this result:


Great! Now I’m convinced that I’ll be using LÖVE again during Global Game Jam this year.

Some notes:

  • love-android-sdl2 loads LÖVE resources from /sdcard/lovegame/ directory (this is useful for debugging)
  • if you zip your LÖVE resources to a file named and add this file to assets directory of Android project, you end up with APK that bundles LÖVE with your game (this is great for deploying final game)
  • never force fixed resolution in your LÖVE code; rather update your code so it works with any given resolution and aspect ratio (i.e. don’t hardcode sizes and positions of rendered objects)
  • you can test you got that right by putting t.window.resizable = true in your conf.lua and using something like this in your main.lua code:
function love.resize(w, h)
  width, height = w, h
  scale = height / 1024

function love.load()
  love.resize(love.window.getWidth(), love.window.getHeight())