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Trezor support in Tails 3.0

Tails project released a first beta version of their upcoming 3.0 release based on Debian 9 Stretch. See their call for testing for the official announcement. There are lot of interesting changes, but the important one for me is that Trezor now works out of the box in Electrum.

No need to install any extra packages or create custom udev rules. As a bonus, you can use Trezor from command line using trezorctl command.

PS: You cannot use Trezor with our official Trezor Wallet in Tails, because TOR Browser is configured in a way that it cannot reach Trezor Bridge which is running as a localhost service.

If you want to test the release in QEMU like I do, follow these steps:

  1. download ISO image from the announcement above (currently tails-amd64-3.0-beta1.iso)
  2. install QEMU
  3. run lsusb | grep TREZOR, you should see line similar to this: Bus 002 Device 035: ID 534c:0001 SatoshiLabs Bitcoin Wallet [TREZOR]
  4. note the numbers 002 and 035, this is the physical address of the USB device
  5. run qemu-kvm -m 2048 -cdrom tails-amd64-3.0-beta1.iso -usb -device usb-host,hostbus=2,hostaddr=35 where 2 and 35 are numbers from step above
  6. if you run lsusb in Tails you should see the Trezor device in the listing as well

You should never ever run Tails in a virtual machine, this is just for testing!!!