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Temporal space and time anchors

I guess I was around 15 when I came up with an idea. I thought it was quite ordinary and didn’t bother to think about it more. Recently, it came to me again out of the blue. With much better access to the net, I tried to find someone else who came up and documented this idea, but I failed. So here it goes:

Suppose, you are out with your friends and you want to mark a particular point in time (and space). Maybe something interesting happened and you don’t want to discuss it immediately or you just want to make some space-time reference point for past and future events. All you need to do is just say: “I’m creating an anchor” or just “anchor” later on (when your friends are aware of the concept).

When you are with your friends later again, you can use this anchor in your conversations. Some examples:

  • “We went to sleep 5 hours after the anchor.”
  • “What was the song that played 15 minutes before the anchor?”
  • “Let’s tell Peter, we’ll meet him at the anchor in 30 minutes.”
  • “There is a nice church 500 meters south from the anchor.”
  • “Do you remember the nice clouds that appeared when I created the anchor?”

More people can create an anchor and one person can create more anchors during one day, but I generally don’t recommend it as it gets messy easily. :-)