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Talks and Workshops

date / event title / place
2019-04-12 How Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Changed the Way We Look on the World or the Necessity of Visual Scepticism in the Post-truth Era (with Lenka Hamosova)
Datatata Conference Brno
2018-09-23 Bitcoin security panel
Baltic Honeybadger Riga
2018-09-22 The future of Bitcoin wallets panel
Baltic Honeybadger Riga
2018-05-19 TREZOR Model T: Evolution or Revolution?
Black Swan Security Congress Prague
2018-04-07 TREZOR Model T: Evolution or Revolution?
Security Session Brno
2018-03-14 TREZOR, Bitcoin and Blockchain Panel Discussion
Night of Chances Bratislava
2017-11-25 TREZOR
Baltic Honeybadger Riga
2017-10-10 Introduction to cryptocurrencies
Contemporary Issues in Cryptography Prague
2017-10-07 (In)Security of Cryptospace
Hackers Congress Prague
2017-03-10 MicroPython & TREZOR
PyCon SK Bratislava
2016-10-28 MicroPython
PyCon CZ Brno
2016-04-09 Decentralized and Distributed Internet
OSS Vikend Bratislava
2015-10-03 IPFS: The InterPlanetary File System
Hackers Congress Prague
2014-10-11 History of Hacking in Czechoslovakia
Hackers Congress Prague
2014-06-27 TREZOR: Bitcoin hardware wallet
mDevCamp Prague
2014-04-27 TREZOR: hardwarová peneženka rok poté
Security Session Brno
2013-12-29 TREZOR: Bitcoin hardware wallet
Chaos Communication Congress Hamburg
2013-04-06 Hackerspacy v Čechách a na Slovensku
Security Session Brno
2013-04-06 TREZOR: hardwarová peneženka pro Bitcoin
Security Session Brno
2013-02-08 TREZOR: Bitcoin hardware wallet
OHM Camp Geestmerambacht
2011-11-06 Hackerspace a Open Hardware
LinuxAlt Brno
2011-08-20 Hackerspaces and Open Hardware
openSUSE Conference Nuremberg
2011-07-04 Hackerspace a Open Hardware
OSSConf Zilina
2010-11-16 openSUSE BuildService
MeeGo Conference Dublin
2010-09-18 openSUSE Connect
FrOSCamp Zurich
2010-08-31 SVG-edit
SVG Open Paris
2010-08-20 openSUSE Connect
FrOSCon Sankt Augustin
2010-07-04 openSUSE BuildService
OSSConf Zilina
2010-06-09 Rolling your first package in the openSUSE Build Service
LinuxTag Berlin
2010-05-07 GameStore
Linuxwochen Vienna
2010-02-06 RPM packaging collaboration
FOSDEM Brussels
2010-02-03 How to build and distribute your software using openSUSE Build Service and SUSE Studio
U-IN-X Prague
2009-04-15 openSUSE BuildService
LinuxExpo Prague
2008-10-26 openSUSE BuildService
Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit Mountain View
2008-10-08 openSUSE BuildService
Invex Brno