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SVG-edit gains momentum

Last week I announced cooperation with Narendra Sisodiya on a SVG-edit project. The inscrutable ways of twitter allowed Jeff Schiller, a co-chair of the W3C SVG Interest Group, to spot our efforts and later he contributed with various patches and implemented some new features like selecting and moving objects.


I was very surprised when I found out that Vidar Hokstad took trunk of SVG-edit (only two days after my blogpost!) and created a proof-of-concept gadget for Google Wave, the exactly same thing I would try to accomplish once the editor was more mature :-) . I asked Vidar if he’s not interested in moving his source into our SVN, he agreed and is adjusting the gadget to work with the latest version of the editor right now.

I’m very happy that both guys jumped on our development train and the project gained momentum and visibility. We’ve also decided to change the license from GPLv2 to Apache License 2.0 to allow even broader adoption. A discussion group and an IRC channel #svg-edit on have been created for the ones who are interested in this project as well.

PS: The gadget is probably not yet usable inside Google Wave, but we are working on it and we’ll keep you posted about our progress … The work would go definitively faster if we all had Wave Sandbox access (people at Google: hint, hint :-) ) and didn’t have to try everything only in Vidar’s Gadget API emulator.