Pavol Rusnak #Cypherpunk #FOSS #Bitcoin #AI

Mirrsaic NOW

Art collaboration with Prokop Bartonicek as pebe/lab (2012)








In an urban scene we can see solar reflections of geometric forms. Abstract composition described by the sun is approaching from above towards the ground. After several hours, the shapes overlap, thus creating a powerful light cluster, which is changing very fast in an interlocking inscription. Individual light fragments at the moment of encounter rendering the word “NOW” which accurately captures the transience of the moment.

Today, the availability of efficient design and lighting technologies, mapping and generative art is often oblivious to the basic rules of light, time and space. I decided to create a impressive public space light installation that would work within the elementary principles.

Mirrsaic, as a process and a tool was programmed, generated and manufactured using the most modern techniques and technologies, which are not directly seen by the viewer. The most complicated project tool is hidden; it remains just a wall, a daylight system and several mirrors in the exact shape, the exact place at the exact time.