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LinuxWochen Vienna 2010

From Thursday to Saturday there was an event in Vienna held as a part of longer Austrian tour called LinuxWochen. This opportunity could not have been missed by openSUSE, so we formed a team consisting of me, Michal and Sirko.

All three days were packed with more than 70 talks and workshops. We had a stand directly next to Fedora’s one, handled by Fabian and Zoltan, so we also had an opportunity to talk about our distros and also to make fun about each other. :-) Sirko lead a very crowded workshops about Inkscape and Gimp on Friday, where people were able to create a very nice drawing of Tux and great space wallpaper with Earth and Moon. In the meantime we were dealing with very curious questions from visitors at the stand. One man was so satisfied with Michal’s patience and expertise, that he joined us for Friday’s Linuxwochen After Hour Party at Museum Quartier and bought us a dinner! :-) The party was organized by quintessenz, which is an organization to “restore civil rights that have been abolished by technical means during the first stage of the information revolution”.

On Saturday I gave a talk about Game Store and Michal told a few words about upcoming openSUSE 11.3 release. After mine talk Horst Jens, one of the maintainers, told me that he really likes the concept of GameStore and Build Service games repository and he would love to have all games from available from games repo. I will try to create a generic SPEC template for games written in pygame or even create an automated generator for this.

In the afternoon we held a Build Service workshop and although we had problems with network connection (which was really slow), we managed to create a package in OBS together with the people that came. We also covered the basics of OSC usage including the creation of submit requests.

Some photos can be found in Sirko’s blogpost and on his flickr.