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LinuxExpo 2009

On Wednesday I attended the biggest Linux event in the Czech Republic called LinuxExpo (more particularly its first day). I also took some photos for your viewing pleasure :) Comments for each photo are under the enlarged versions shown after clicking on the thumbnails.


le09_dsc_0092 le09_dsc_0126 le09_dsc_0128 le09_dsc_0120 le09_dsc_0094 le09_dsc_0091 le09_dsc_0143 le09_dsc_0110 le09_dsc_0089 le09_dsc_0090


le09_dsc_0119 le09_dsc_0096 le09_dsc_0100 le09_dsc_0104 le09_dsc_0125


le09_dsc_0140 le09_dsc_0130 le09_dsc_0135 le09_dsc_0136 le09_dsc_0137 le09_dsc_0138


le09_dsc_0148 le09_dsc_0147 le09_dsc_0146 le09_dsc_0145

Update: Bubli has written a commentary about the day 2.