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How to use TREZOR with Rootstock (RSK) using MyEtherWallet

Update: This post is now obsolete as I stopped providing the service. RSK people haven’t picked this up and do not provide any alternative.

To use RSK using MyEtherWallet one needs to point it to a RSK node which runs using HTTPS (not HTTP) and has correctly set Cross-Origin headers. Since there was none, I created one and sent a pull request to MyEtherWallet, so this chain can be used out of the box.

Until this pull request is accepted you can try it manually. Click on a menu in top-right corner, select the “Add Custom Node” item and fill in the following values:

Node Name:          RSK
Port:               (empty)
(chain):            Custom
Supports EIP-155:   yes
Chain ID:           31


Some useful links: