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Hackweek: Game Store

This week we had Hack Week event when everyone was welcome to use Innovation time on FOSS projects or even start the new one! I spent most of the time on hacking the Game Store, which I introduced in my previous blogpost. The package is now ready for you in the Build Service.


Simply use the following One Click Install files (openSUSE 11.0, openSUSE 11.1 and openSUSE Factory) or add the games repository and install the gamestore package manually. Game Store uses this repository to download the games, so you should stay subscribed to it after the installation too.

As a bonus I created a very simple One Click Install files catalog which imitates the Game Store look. It is available at

The screenshots for both versions (left Qt, right web) are here so you get the idea how it looks, but the best thing is to try it on your own! :-)



Big thanks go to randy-sk who helped me with harvesting of icons and screenshots of the games. I am already looking for your feedback! :-)