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Mission: Strengthening the power and independence of individuals via open-source software and hardware projects

Pavol Rusnak is Co-Founder and CTO of SatoshiLabs, where he is overseeing the development of open-source software and hardware projects that strengthen the power and independence of an individual. Along with his everyday work, he is also very interested in artificial intelligence, cognitive science and biotechnologies.

Pavol graduated from Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, majoring in Database Systems, with particular emphasis on distributed systems. He is a highly regarded security expert and privacy activist and has been invited to speak at significant technology-oriented events such as Chaos Communication Congress, FOSDEM or LinuxTag. In the past, he also served as a board member of the openSUSE Project and as a three-time mentor/administrator for the Google Summer of Code.

You can read more about my projects and talks.